Is it almost teatime yet?

Well, here goes my first post in which I explain a little about me and the reason I’m writing this blog. I’m an avid lover of all things food related, baking, cooking, books, blogs and TV shows. I decided to start this blog as a sort of journal to record my highs and lows of cooking, and to try to help me expand my repertoire and also to improve my photography of food, which leaves a lot to be desired at the moment.

My usual style of cooking is pretty simple and homely, with rustic presentation most of the time. I’m hoping to refine as I go along and with pictures on here I will be able to track my progress. I usually cook on quite a limited budget, and try to make the best of what we have. I’m currently living in Warwickshire though I was born and brought up in Scotland and I am almost married to my Romanian partner, so I occasionally cook Romanian food, which is probably not very well-known. I also enjoy culinary trips around the world and try to keep things as authentic as possible.

So hopefully if I can keep it up this blog will be a record of all these things put together, and once I manage to keep it going for a few months, I might actually share it with people.

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