Brioche Burger Buns

After having a wisdom tooth removed on Saturday (ouch) I wasn’t expecting to be able to do very much or to eat many things in the days following. I was however pleasantly surprised, next to no pain and after a very lazy day on Saturday I decided I was well enough to whip up some homemade burger buns to accompany some burgers I had planned to make. I made myself some bean burgers which is part of my quest to find a decent veggie burger, although I neglected to take any photos of the process and the resulting burgers, so I’ll add that up another time. The burgers for Bren were just simple minced steak, seasoned with salt and pepper.

So, to the buns, which were just awesome. I had attempted them before but didn’t get the nice smooth round top I was aiming for, nor such a huge rise as these ones provided. I found the recipe linked around many pages, but the original I believe is from here, courtesy of the New York Times. I added a few sesame seeds on top.

They were soft but still held all the burger juice and remained intact, with a slightly sweet taste which is what I love in burger buns, definitely worth the messiness of making them.

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