Homemade Snickers Bars

As I was sitting flicking through my foodie pictures, wondering what to post about, I came across this picture from around 4 months ago. It was at that time I joined pinterest and subsequently became obsessed with pinning recipes. I decided I should actually make some of this stuff rather than just staring at the pictures.

I used to hate peanuts, and have never until recently tried a snickers bar. In recent times I have upped my peanut intake and can now say I actually enjoy them. I’m also not a huge fan of chocolate. But after I saw these bars on pinterest I just had to make them. The recipe is from here and if anyone is interested I would advise you to toddle over to that page for instructions and much better pictures than mine!

These were oh so good, my caramel was a little dribbly but taken straight from the fridge they were tidily edible. As I have said though, not being a huge fan of chocolate and the other half being on a bit of a diet, some of these bars were deposited around neighbours houses. If you love Snickers, or are looking for an easy sweet treat, definitely try them.

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