These are the food based chronicles of Angie, a girl who is obsessed with cooking, but not always very good at it.

As stated in the quote, my name is Angie and I am indeed obsessed with food and cooking. So much so that I measure time in relation to the next meal time, hence my little blog title. The term tea time I have used refers to the fact that I am Scottish and call my main meal of the day “tea” although I do also enjoy a good English tea time as well, any excuse for cake and a sandwich.

I focus mainly on simple home cooked food, mostly on a limited budget. I endeavour to always improve my cooking (and also my food photography) I trawl through other’s recipes in books, magazines and online and also try to create my own when feeling adventurous, and mostly, things turn out well.

The other main point I should mention, is that I am vegetarian, while my other half is most definitely not. As the main cook in the house and as someone who loves to cook, I am not averse to cooking meat for him, as long as it is ethically sourced. I don’t taste the meat, I allow the other half to be the judge on whether something has worked well or not. I am not militant about my vegetarianism, it’s my choice not to eat meat and I don’t want to force my other half to become vegetarian just because I do most of the cooking. This blog will also (hopefully) give help to any others who want to blend both vegetarian and meat meals together, as I do regularly.


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