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Homemade Snickers Bars

As I was sitting flicking through my foodie pictures, wondering what to post about, I came across this picture from around 4 months ago. It was at that time I joined pinterest and subsequently became obsessed with pinning recipes. I decided I … Continue reading

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Chinese Curry

Oh dear, I seem to have been AWOL for some time. Life got a bit hectic for a while, various family members visiting, lots of friends round and myself working a lot. I have been cooking though, and making sure … Continue reading

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Brioche Burger Buns

After having a wisdom tooth removed on Saturday (ouch) I wasn’t expecting to be able to do very much or to eat many things in the days following. I was however pleasantly surprised, next to no pain and after a very … Continue reading

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Simple Tartare Sauce

The last couple of weeks have been somewhat hectic, between working late, having guests and just generally being busy I haven’t managed to document any of our meals. On Wednesday night, my Uncle, Aunt & cousins were here, they spent … Continue reading

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Cherry Tomato & Cheddar Quiche

All my best laid cooking plans went awry this weekend. I arrived home from working on Friday too tired to cook, and on Saturday after feeling ill, again I didn’t feel like cooking at all. So all the meals I … Continue reading

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Fish in Lemon Cream

Just a quickie as I need to leave the house pretty soon, but I wanted to start blogging proper before I forget all about it. Anyway, this is last night’s dinner and despite the unappetising looking photo it was actually really … Continue reading

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Is it almost teatime yet?

Well, here goes my first post in which I explain a little about me and the reason I’m writing this blog. I’m an avid lover of all things food related, baking, cooking, books, blogs and TV shows. I decided to … Continue reading

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